Keeping it REAL–Pulp Free Witch Hazel–How to find real witch hazel products



A Wild Crops Farm is one of two distillers of American Witch Hazel in the United States.  The other is American Distilling, which represents all the other brands of  witch hazel.  Because they are industrial and we are artesian, our products have a life essence from the plant.

#1.)  We do not at this time produce witch hazel usp.  However, if we did – it would contain real twigs, rather than pulp wood.   Because we are small, we do it right.  We respect the forest and  the essence of the life force of the species. 

#2)  One of my first experience with organic witch hazel came from a well know retailer of herbal products.  They were offering witch hazel from Poland, that was in fact, hazel nut leaf.  Not even in the same factory.

#3.)  Our  products  are real – if it  says leaf, we picked leaf and not twigs.  IF it says fresh, the leaves and the distillate were done the same day. 

W#5.)  I challenge ANY ONE TO A WITCH OFF!!!!  I see a film in the making !

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