2014 Harvest Now Distilling

Hand Harvested
Witch Hazel - We mean real twigs 

,Pulp wood filler wood free
Witch Hazel Distillates 

Hamamelis virginiana L.
folium fresh, not dried;

Product # 3

100%   Hamamelis virginiana L. ramunculus, ramus  et folium
Standard Product -

 FRESH leaves and twigs, and small branches - Does not contain pulp wood extract.

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Other Fine floral waters and essential oils


Historical Use and Scientific Studies on witch hazel, world tour of formulas
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More wild crop native plant products - distiller direct.

Tips and recommendation for pure plant products including herbs, essential oils, hydrosols and teas. HOW To Guide

                                    Artisan Distilled
100% real pure witch hazel- fresh, wild - Free of pulp wood 
  We produce the finest Witch Hazel Distillates on the face of the earth.


  RESPECTING the natural laws of life, our forests, our young people, our clients and ourselves. 

            Pulp  Free -  Botanically Identified - Botanically Certified
Why is this important?
Harvested and Distilled the same day for living waters quality

         Community Forestry From The Ozarks - Preserving our landscape, Empowering our young, Producing High Quality Distillates from Native Ozark Species
                      The Witch Hazel Collaborative   A Partnership of  Pickers, Distiller and Forest Land Owners - Dedicated to The Wellness of All

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